The Golden Goat rises, unearths mystery within mysteries, raises questions and offers perspective. This is Golden Goat Radio, a trail through many facets of life with an occasional peek into the afterlife and the prominence of alternative life. Listen now...

  • No Ordinary TripMYSTERY MOVIES

    No scripts, no rehearsals, just a concept and an interpretation. The mysterious creation and endeavour combines a humour and horror delivered as a surreal exploration of the possibilities of our own reality; the warping mind tangling with its subconscious perspectives. Watch now...

  • Song and DanceMUSICAL MAYHEM

    A frivolous interpretation of modern music lends itself to the art of parody and costume, performed as pure street theatre. Imaginative, humorous and sometimes a little more serious, the camera traces a path to the dance floor as the performance ensues. Watch now...


    Mysticism instilled a curiosity in bohemian society during the late Victorian and Edwardian periods with many prominent figures forming allegiances with so-called 'mystics' to explore parapsychology and the philosophy of ancient religions. Bradford, West Yorkshire, was to play its part. Watch now...

Performance Art

We nearly always perform 'off the cuff' and without instrumental accompaniment. The theme is unscripted spontaneity; 'do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law'. The atmosphere surrounding the composition lends itself to the encapsulation of the art within mysticism, the art within horror and the art of humour, utilizing the emotion of each as a means to emphasise our perspectives.

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Behind the Scenes

The group of performers that is Nolan Insignia started creating artistic motion pictures in 2008. These films are a mix of magick, folklore, scenes from Gothic literature and of course music from various decades. The aim was to create quirky art that explored an eclectic mix of music and magick as portrayed through the array of different characters as seen in our works featuring under mystery movies.

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Goat Internet Media

Goat Internet Media has been promoting and providing media on the Web since 2006. Inspired by a group of multi-talented performers, Goat Internet Media founded Golden Goat Radio, a podcast station supporting and promoting a wealth of diverse interests and influenced by personal pleasure within professional interest. This concept has given rise to the 'arts and crafts' as presented on this website.

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